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Master Thompson CTU Academy 


 Master Thompson CTU Academy is an outreach ministry of The Gate Church. Our goal is to to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while  using the martial arts to teach discipline, self-respect, and individual confidence.  In other words, building the body, mind, and spirit.  Each class consists of one hour of exercise and Tae Kwon Do skills and techniques followed by a half hour Bible study.

 The school is a chartered member and Honor Roll School of Christian Tae Kwon Do University (CTU), which is the ministry branch of  the worldwide United States Chung Do Kwon Association (USCDKA).

 Class days and times

 Tuesday Class; 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

 Saturday Class; 10:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m.


 Annual Dues: $40.00 per year.  These dues are paid to the USCDKA.  This is the organization which provides our School Charter,  Instructor Credentials, Student Credentials, and the Student Promotion Certificates.  Please make check payable to The Gate Church.

 Monthly Dues: $25.00 these dues are put in a savings account administered by the church.  The funds are used to pay for school  expenses, equipment, supplies, and materials. The Instructors receive no payment for their instruction time. Please make check  payable to The Gate.

 Testing fees:  $30.00 per test for student rank. 

                        $175.00 for 1st Dan (1stDegree Black Belt)

 Testing fees are used to pay for student belt and the USCDKA Promotion Certificate. 

 To reduce the cost burden on parents and adult students, payment for the following items may be spread over a period of time.  When making partial payment, the instructor must be informed where the payment is to be credited so the information can be  recorded on the sign in sheet.

 Uniform: $40.00, Will be required if student planes to go beyond 9th Gup (Yellow Belt).      

 Textbook: $40.00, Strongly Recommended.

 Student portfolio: $35.00.

 Sparring equipment:

 Item and Cost

 Hand Gear - $   30.00

 Foot Gear - $   30.00

 Head Gear - $   35.00

 Chest Protector - $   40.00

 Total Cost - $   135.00


Optional Equipment

 Gym Bag - $   20.00

 Shin Protector - $   20.00 

 Forearm Protector - $   20.00 



 Sports Cup (Required for males only).  Like any other underwear, this is considered a personal item and is not ordered by the  school.  Sports Cups can be purchased at any Sporting Goods or major retail distribution store (Target, Wal Mart).  Prices will vary.


 Sparring equipment is strongly recommended for students who plan to compete in sparring events at tournaments.  During a  tournament, a student could be disqualified from a match if they do not have the proper equipment when called into the ring.  The  school only has four sets of sparring equipment that is used for training.


 Senior Leader/ Senior Instructor 










 Randy Thompson, Master, 6th Degree Black Belt (6th Dan) holds a Head Master Instructor Degree with the United States Chung Do  Kwon Association.  In 1997, Master Thompson was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame for Ministry in Tae Kwon Do.  Honor  was bestowed again in April 2010 with a 20 year Longevity Award and a Thirty Year Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022. Master  Thompson started training in Feb. 1990 in Haines City, Florida under the instruction of Master Rick Harris.

 Master Thompson started the school as an outreach ministry of the Davenport Church with his son in July1993.  At the time, both  were brown belts.  Master Thompson tested for First Degree (Dan) Black Belt Nov 21, 1993; Second Dan Mar 6, 1995; Third Dan Mar  13, 1999; Fourth Dan and Master Degree Aug 17, 2007; Fifth Dan Master Mach 22, 2012, and Sixth Dan July 20, 2017.

 Over the years, 1000 students have trained with Master Thompson; nine of which have achieved the rank of Black Belt and two  Master.  Eight of these Black Belts have added Instructors Degrees to their rank.

 The Masters




 Master Javier Torres, 4th Degree Black Belt is a USCDKA Certified Associate Master.

 Master Torres specializes in traditional Taekwondo Forms and Sparring and is an USCDKA National Champion. 

 Master Marcus Kelly, 4th Degree Black Belt is a USCDKA Certified Associate Master.  

 Master Kelly holds the position of Assistant Class Leader to the Senior Instructor. Besides holding the administrative assistant  position, in addition Master Kelly specializes in Board breaking, Heavy (concrete) breaking, and Takedowns.






 Victor Vega, 3rd Degree Black Belt (Master Candidate)  a USCDKA Certified Instructor. Victor is a USCDKA National Champion  competitor and a National Grand Champion in weapons.  Victor specializes in traditional Taekwondo Forms and Chung Do Extreme  weapons and forms including Open Hand Forms, Bo Staff, Kama and Nunchaku.  In addition to his Martial Arts training, Victor has  Pastored a church an acts as spiritual leader for the members of the USCDKA

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