Join us April 10th @ 10:30 am as

The Gate Student Ministry performs the drama "Now Behold The Lamb" Come out and support our awesome Students!

Join us on April 10th @ 12:30 pm for The Gate Easter Egg Hunt.

This is for ages 0-12. We will have inflatables, prizes, and free food.


Join us on April 15th @ 7:00 pm for Good Friday Service. For a time of worship and communion.

Join us on April 17th @ 10:30 am as we celebrate the Risen Savior! Come Experience Easter 22


First time to The Gate Church?

Here are some answers to some questions that you may have

I don't know what to wear?

We encourage you to wear whatever you want. We want you to be comfortable during your experience at The Gate

I have not been to church in years?

That is ok! We would be honored to have you in service with us!

I don't know when it is?

Student Ministry Drama - April 10th at 10:30 am

Easter Egg Hunt - April 10th at 12:30 pm

Good Friday Service - April 15th at 7 pm

Easter Sunday Service - April 17th at 10:30 am 

I don't know where I am supposed to go?

No worries, as you arrive on campus you will be greeted by the parking lot team. They will show you where to park. Once you get out of your vehicle a greeter will show you where to go.

I don't know anyone who will be there?

No worries, you will be welcomed many times before you find your seat.

They don't want people like me at their church?

We want people like you, we are all a part of God's family and want to meet you. So come and be yourself! 

I don't know what to do with my kids?

Our greeter team will show you to the Student Center where you will sign your kids in. We have something from ages 0 -12 years old. Your kids will experience worship, a message, games, arts and crafts, and snacks. The Gate Kid's Team is excited to meet your kids.

There probably won't be enough parking?

We have special parking just for you! We will have plenty of parking.