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Objectives and Goals


Belonging - We must ensure that the children feel welcome and that they experience God's love for them (especially new children). We want them to belong.

Believing - We must ensure that the children have an encounter with the Lord, experience intimacy with Him and develop a practical relationship with Him. We want them to believe.

Behaving - We must ensure that the children get to know God's word thoroughly. Then they will serve Him and obey Him for the rest of their lives. We want them to behave in such a way that everybody can see that the belong to Jesus Christ.


Building - A solid team of volunteers who are being equipped, encouraged, and empowered.


1.Has the opportunity to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

2. Gains Bible knowledge:

    a. Know the Word.

    b. Believes the Word.

    c. Does the Word.

3. Experiences a Spirit filled life:

    a. Has the opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

    b.Learns to live a Spirit filled life.

6. Grows spiritually.

7. Learns to be a servant.

7. Equip children to know their identity in Christ.

​8. To motive children to recognize God's purpose for their lives and help them achieve it.

9. To develop future leaders.

10. To make disciples of them and teach how to win souls for Christ.

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